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Record de scufundari la mare adancime cu ajutorul Gerbing’s

The Deep Diver Johan de With has set a new world record deep sea diving in cold water. He has surpassed the old Wltrekord by as much 7.5 meters and reaches all the 169 meters. “Luckily I had heated gloves, heated vests and heated socks one,” he said, beaming. “What most people do not expect is that the temperature at this depth nu r is 4 degrees Celsius. When introduced to return to the surface for 3 hours, the cold takes on the presence without having these could deal yet. But luckily I had with Gerbing the perfect partner, who have kept me nice and warm and pleasant. “

Johan de With Gerbing contacted after a few test dives, because it is very cold after such a long time under water, and the athlete had suffered. “Because I use a dry suit, I thought I could use eineige heatable garments, combine all together, and then use a portable battery.”
After several immersion tests with various garments, the decision was like, there with a heatable vest, a pair of indoor heated gloves and a pair of heated socks. These heated garments were (that to a portable and very powerful Lithium-Polymer battery B12V-5200 model) connected. “The big question was the manufacturer Gerbing even if the battery can withstand the massive pressure at 165 meters,” Johan de With said. “I was 100% convinced that this would be successful, because the pressure is uniformly distributed over the special dry suit that I’m wearing, distributed.”

The dive went exactly as planned. With a descent of 12 meters per second, the athlete reached the depth of 169 meters in a few minutes. To achieve the surface again, need almost three hours. “It’s nice that I have achieved using this depth of Gerbing,” concludes Johan. “Whether you jump from altitude of 30 kilometers from a balloon (Felix Baumgartner), or almost 170 feet deep dive: Gerbing has the solution!”


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