Sosete incalzite 12V

Sosete incalzite 12V

The best way to eliminate cold feet is by using our heated 12 volt socks. Hook them directly to the battery of your motorcycle by conecting them to the battery hook-up or use them with our portable 12 volt batteries which would be the B12V-5200 or the B12V-8000. To completely protect the ends of the body you can connect the heated socks to the 12 volt heated gloves using a splitter. It is also possible to connect the heated socks through a y-cable to the accessory of the heated jacket.
The heated pants also have extra plugs coming out of the ends of the legs to connect the heated socks to. You will feel the heat of the 12 volt socks, unlike the 7 volt socks, completely around the foot. The heating elements are strategically places on both the top and the bottom of the foot, which make your feet completely surrounded by heat.
The 12 volt heated socks gives more heat output than the 7 volt socks. This makes it perfect for people who needs maximum heat output like on a motorcycle in sub zero temperatures. 
The 12 volt heated socks are made from a light weight wicking 4 way stretch material and are handwash and hangdry only.

Firstly, they’re extra tall, so they ride up over your calf. No matter how tall or short your boots are, these socks work.
Secondly, the socks are cut specifically for left and right feet, so they fit you even more snugly to deliver extra heat, particularly to your toes.
Finally, that heat comes from Gerbing’s Microwire ® heating system, with wires so thin you won’t feel them. And with heat delivered both above and below your feet, you’ll be riding wrapped in soothing comfort.

Wide elastic top band.
Constructed with 4 way stretch wicking fabric.
Heat is on the bottom of the sock toward the toes and on the top toward the toes.
Incorporates Gerbing’s Microwire® heating technology that uses micro-sized heating fibers to surround the foot with warmth.
Lifetime warranty on the Microwire® heating elements.
The Gerbing heated socks comes with a long y-cable but without the battery hook-up. You can easily connect them to the accesory plug of the heated jacket or to the plugs coming out of the legs end of the heated pants. If you want to use the heated socks on a motorcycle, make sure you buy a temperature control like the junior controller which is free of charge with all the 12 volt heated gloves, but not with the 12 volt heated socks.

Heat: Microwire® Heating
Source: 12V DC
Current: 1.4A / pair
Watts: 16.8W / pair
Surface Temp: 57°C +/- 2°C at 0°C
Available Sizes: XS – XXL

Battery Harness

Long Y-Cable