Produse 12V

12vGerbing provides a wide assortment of 12V heated products. These include the hybrid heated motorcycle glove especially designed for touring (T-12), Hybrid heated motorcycle gloves with extra knuckle protection (XR-12), basic heated gloves (G-12), glove liner, textile gloves, heated jacket, heated trousers and heated socks. Even the new heated sport pants are hot!
All the products in this section can be connected to a 12 volt battery. All the products can be connected to each other. This means that you can use a heated jacket, heated gloves, trousers and heated socks with only one battery cable. Gerbing gives a life time warranty on the heating elements.
There are people who are always cold due to poor blood circulation, including artheritics or individuals with other disorders such as Raynauds disease. We are proud of the fact that we can help these people to have a more comfortable life. People who work outside or practise other outdoor activities can also benefit from our heated clothing. It will keep you warm and safe no matter what you do! Gerbing has a lot of fans including Motor cyclists,
Microlight pilots, Scooter riders, Anglers, Hunters, Etc.
For non-motorcycle use you want to check out our yellow 7V section. The 12V heated clothing will become much warmer than the 7V heated clothing line. It will also consume much more power, because the products in the 12V section must keep you warm whatever mother nature throws at you if you are riding over 120 km/hr. The 7V heated clothing line is not for high-speed use or high altitude use. Especially connected to a vehicles battery our 12V heated garments will keep you extremely toasty!