BioniX 13

Aripa BioniX 13

“The Thirteen”… Long awaited, this little bombshell completes the line of Air Creation wings equipped with the patented Corset ® system. What a Blast!

Introducing the much anticipated Bionix 13, one of a full line of Air Creation wings featuring the patented Corset wing warping system.
Thanks to the Corset, this little rocket can do speeds up to 150 kph (93 mph) and still handle short field takeoffs and landings like a pro.

The agility and maneuverability of the Bionix wings is unmatched.
The Bionix 13, like its big sister, the Bionix 15, features light handling in pitch and roll in every Corset position. Stable and predictable, independent of loading, even in extreme weather conditions, there’s no worry to be had over adverse yaw or inertia. The Thirteen maneuvers crisply and cleanly through a huge performance envelope.

Made with meticulously selected high technology fabrics, the Bionix 13, with proper care, will satisfy many years of adventure seeking.

Looking for pleasure? Look no further. “The 13” cuts cleanly through the air, fast and smooth, doing all the work while its pilot enjoys the view. And since a wing so advanced must never disappoint, we include special tuning tools that make keeping the 13 in top flying order a breeze.