Jacheta si vesta

Jacheta 7V

We at Gerbing believe that the best way to keep warm is to keep your vital organs warm. We already have done that for the motor cyclists by developing a 12 volt heated jacket. Unfortunately you need to connect the heated jacket to the battery of the bike with a battery cable. Ofcourse you can use our 12 volt portable batteries like the B12V5200 or the B12V8000 but than you will only keep yourself warm for about an hour.
Now Gerbing can also offer a heated jacket for all other people who are cold during all kinds of outdoor activities. We have designed a heated jacket which is powered by small 7 volt batteries. The batteries last a lot longer and when you purchase a 7 volt heated jacket you get two batteries so you can keep yourself warm for almost the whole day. These batteries are the same ones we use in our 7 volt heated gloves and other items like the 7 volt heated socks, heated handwarmer, heated kidney belt and heated seat cushion. The whole idea is to wear our 7 volt heated jacket tight on your body with nothing more than a shirt underneath the jacket. Than you put on your normal coat and you are ready to do whatever you want and keep comfortably warm. The 7 volt heated jacket has also the possibility to have the sleeves removed.


Gerbing’s latest model in our 7 volt collection. A 7 volt heated jacket with removable sleeves. The 7 volt heated jacket has four heated elements. They are placed in the areas where you need the warmth the most. Two elements are placed on the chest, one in the collar and one on the back. The sleeves are connected to the jacket with zippers. So they are easily removable to use the heated jacket as a heated waistcoat.
Powered by an included B7V-2500 battery with a built in temperature controller to control the warmth as you see fit. The battery can be placed in the pocket of the heated jacket and you simply connect the battery to the plug which is placed in the pocket.
Includes two 7 volt rechargeable lithium batteries and one dual charger (B7V-2500 KIT) that hides away in a zippered pocket. Enjoy a whole day of soothing warmth with a single charge.

Heated jacket is made out of soft shell material
Four heated elements placed in strategic places to benefit from the heat the most.
Reverse-coil zippers and hem cinch pull cord.
Available in black.
This product is not designed to be used on motorcycles. The 12 volt heated jackets are especially made for use on motorcycles.

7V 2,5A Battery kit (B7V-2500 KIT)
Heat: Microwire® Heating
Source: 7V DC
Current: 2,2A / 15,4 Watt
Surface Temp: 57°C +/- 2°C at 0°C
Available Sizes: XS – XXL